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photo credit: norobodo via photopin cc
photo credit: norobodo via photopin cc



Bonus Trauma Points: 2/Echelon

Free Personification: 2 PV

Age: Youth 8 – Maturity 32 – Elderly 75

In-Game Appearance:

Minerites must have have a significantly visible stone, mineral or metallic change.  This may include, but is not limited to:

  • A visible part of the body painted like a mineral.
  • Hair spray painted a metallic color.

Descendents of the Earth Element, Minerites are the most durable of all the races.  Their appearance resembles that of stones or minerals such as granite or quartz.  Equally as common are those with the appearance of pure metallics such as copper, silver or gold.  This is sometimes as simple as golden hair but some Minerites have their entire skin look like a mineral.  Minerites are short in stature, usually reaching no more than 1.5 meters tall.

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