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Bonus Trauma Points: 1

Free Personification: Choose 1 each of two different Personifications

Free Skill: Choose Any 1 Skill

Age: Youth 16 – Maturity 50 – Elderly 100

In-Game Appearance:

Humans may appear in game without any special appearance considerations.


The most versatile and abundant race in the Universe, Humans have been seen on every known planet.  Human disciplines range from the greatest fighters to the most powerful sorcerers.  They are the great kings of old to the squires of yesterday.  Broad in physical features, Humans range in height from a meter to around 3 meters.  They have many different colors of skin, hair, and eyes including blue, brown, red, black, green, or a combination of all.  There are few things Humans cannot do, and they pride themselves in this.

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