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Perfect Phys-Rep for a Guardian.  Leather design by Bob Basset
Perfect Phys-Rep for a Guardian.
Leather design by Bob Basset

Some may call a Guardian in M3 a pet or familiar.  The parrot on a pirate’s shoulder, the faithful hound, the sneaky monkey, or the cunning cat.  These are a few examples of the various creatures M3 allows as Guardians.  Some Guardians may improve the skills of the character, others may improve defenses, while others may even grant Aspects.  To ensure simplicity, there are only two primary rules to be followed.

First, to gain the benefits of a Guardian, a visible physical representation must be carried.  Since it must be visible, this phys-rep may not be stored in any bag or backpack.  The phys-rep must also be made to fit in with appropriate garb, sized appropriately, and should not be obtrusive to other players.  If the Guardian is not carried, the benefit may not be used.

Secondly, Guardians do not interact with anything within the game, except to give a benefit to the character.  They are not subject to any in-game attack or effect, either positive or negative.  This includes being stolen or taken, even when not actively carried by the character.

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